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Our Pastor: Noel Ramsey

Noel Ramsey was born in Belfast in 1960 and lived there for several years until his family moved to Newtownabbey.

In October 1975 he accepted the Lord Jesus as his Saviour.

After school he worked for ten years as a Coachbuilder, where he proved the Lord's help throughout those years.

After a football accident he was confined in bed for a month and it was during this time that he was challenged, through reading the Bible, to give up his job and go to Bible College. He completed a 3-year course, leaving in 1990. Noel and Sandra were married in 1985. They have three children, Jason, Sarah and Hannah. After Bible College training they spent one year working with the Mission to Mobile Homes in Lincolnshire. Their work was to tell mobile home dwellers about the Lord Jesus. They then spent over seven years in a church in Eston, Middlesbrough where Noel was the Minister. Noel became Minister of Scotton Evangelical Church, as Wensleydale Evangelical Church was then called, in March 1999.

He now lives in Leyburn and endeavours to share the good news of the Lord Jesus with the residents of Leyburn & the surrounding areas.

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Elder: Nathan Stevenson

Nathan Stevenson was appointed as an elder in January 2022.

He works full-time as an Officer in the Nursing Corps of the British Army and lives in Catterick Garrison.

He and his wife, Enola, home educate their four children.

Nathan grew up in a Christian home and never felt there was a time when he didn't know God, but became convicted to live his life in accordance with God's will and be baptised at the age of twenty.

He enjoys reading God's Word and studying theology, and is particularly blessed by the golden chain of redemption in Romans 8 and the incredible preservation and transmission of the texts of scripture.

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Our Beliefs
Our Beliefs